About me

corinna pyman

I was taught to throw by George Farkas in London in 1999. He instilled a respect for thrown forms which still informs the shapes of the bowls and cups which I make today- essentially that the user should be “invited in”, and by extension the whole object should be a pleasure to hold and to touch.

Years later I am making functional stoneware full-time, fired to 1250 degrees in an electric kiln and glazed in a palette of soft blue/white/grey. I often mix my own glazes and the idea is that the glaze becomes the decorative interest of the piece, sometimes alone and sometimes in concert with ¬†other glazes, either overlapping or slip-trailed into swirls on a potters wheel. stampI often use coloured slips under both white and transparent glazes to provide a stronger colour; but the glazes are never “flat”- even white on its own has minute speckles which appear as part of the firing process.

Stoneware is pretty robust and all the pots can be put in the dishwasher, and my hope is that they will be used and enjoyed.